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Mobile-Friendly Statistically, more than the 30% of the bets are placed via mobile (iOS & Anroid), proving that our software is completely mobile-friendly.

Multi-Lingual SERGame's SportsBook software il 100% Multi-Lingual.

Sport Betting Software

SERGame provides you the best SportsBook service. It was tested under very high loads and it lets you customize every aspect of your website.

SERGame's SportsBook software is double-face, giving you the ability to switch among the european and asian betting style.



You can filter Events in the SportsBook by:

  • Day: Clicking the butons, events will be filtered by day;
  • Hours left: Moving the slider you can chose to show the events in a specific range of hours left;
  • Last-Minute: This voice is specific for each sport, showing you all the last-minute matches in one tab.

Automatic Risk Management

If your users try to place a bet with an import higher than the limits you choose, it's not refused, it is sent in Risk Management automatically, instead. You can choose to host your own Risk Management team, to leave this job to us or to simply refuse every bet that doesn't respect the limits.